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Hydrostatic Pressure Test

Date:2018-03-26    View:769      Tag:Hydrostatic Pressure Test
Hydrostatic pressure test, widely used in daily use, hydrostatic test, small valves, pressure vessels, various metal and non-metallic pipe pressure and burst test; various oil tools hydraulic strength and sealing performance test; pressure test and calibration pressure Instrumentation; pressure and burst tests of fire-fighting equipment such as fire hoses and fire extinguishers. 

The main technical parameters
1. Applicable media: water, hydraulic oil and most hydraulic media (special media, please contact us). 
2. Suitable temperature: 45 to 120 degrees.
3. Power: Compressed air (0.7mpa below, 1nm3/min).
4. Pressure range: 0-700mpa, (usual pressure range 0-700mpa).
5. Pressure accuracy: ±1% F.S.
6. Flow range: 0 ~ 40L/minute.
7. To achieve stepless pressure adjustment.
8. The system has no welding connection, convenient disassembly and assembly, repeated use, safe and reliable.

main feature
1. The United States imported pneumatic pressure tester using imported pressure source, the test pressure is high, up to 5:40, the output pressure is adjustable.
2. The use of high and low pressure pneumatic booster pressure, the output flow is larger, the test range is wider.
All valves and pipelines are 316 stainless steel imported from the United States, and can be applied to water, oil, emulsions and most other liquid pressure test media.

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